4K 3D DLP Projector with 64 Bit Architecture, Quad Core Processor - V8 Plus Model Experience
Brilliant Imaging

V8 Plus model

4K Resolution Projector

Experience large screen vivid pictures, in high defintion.

Architecture x64 bit projector

We use smart quad core processors that provide the best quality and speed for your entertainment.


Quad Core 1.4GHz projector

We use smart processors that provide the best quality and speed for your entertainment.

Multi-Screen Control

Flip between various media channels to maximize your viewing experience.

At home

Spend time with the family

With our multi-screen functionality, you can quickly save your favorites and switch between different devices. Perfect for taking on the go or enjoying at home.

Compatible with your laptop so you can access all your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services.
At Work

Connect online anywhere and bring your presentations with you.

The V8+ is perfect for taking work on the go and showing your presentations in 4K HD quality. Plus with the unique built in UI system, you can easily access your stored files or connect online. What is amazing with this projector is that it uses a 64-Bit Architecture, Quad Core Processor.

The Comforts of Owning a 4K 3D DLP Projector

Wouldn’t it be superbly exciting watching your favorite TV in a 102-inch screen? Think this is not possible? Well, given technological advances of today’s generation, 4K projectors have become more affordable and they are now part of modern home theaters.

When flat TV screens invaded the market and most households, it was only a matter of time until HD becomes the next big thing—and that day has come. But thanks to 4K projectors, many are discovering the massive benefits of these projectors and that they can get the most of their HD viewing.

So here are some of the impactful benefits of owning your very own 4K projector either for your home theater, gaming or simply as TV replacement.


Go big or go home, they say. But when it comes to 4K 3D projectors, the bigger, the better! This is the primary advantage of owning your own video projector at home. You can customize the size of the screen and you can just as easily zoom in or zoom out the projection from the projector to fit your desired screen size. Isn’t that convenient? Gone are the days when you have to fit your TV screen and mount it on the wall.

Space management

This is in relation to the earlier benefit of owning your own video projector. You no longer need to fit the screen to the designated space in the house, because the screen can be mounted on the ceiling and easily retracts when not being used.

Although this is a more expensive option, it definitely saves space as most people do not mount their flat screen TVs on walls as they are generally heavy, and the chances of breaking the TV due to unfortunate incidents can seriously tear apart your wallet.

Eye comfort

One of the biggest advantages of having your own 4K DLP projectors is that it is easier on your eyes. Why? This is simple because a big screen is more relaxing to watch because a larger percentage of your eye’s visual field is filled with what you are viewing, as long as its resolution is high, there is less overall brightness.


The prices for 4K projectors these days are at par with flat screen TV prices. This is the part where you as the buyer will have to do your homework and compare prices and weighing the benefits. But always remember that by buying projectors, be it 4K DLP projector or 4K 3D projector, you get incredible images that are not constrained by the TV’s size.

There are also a number of projectors being offered in the $1000 range. But note also that the higher the price doesn’t necessarily mean better output. Thus, research and reviews for various owners will go a long way and will help you get the most of your money.

These are only a few of the many benefits of having your own projectors at home, which can either be 4K DLP projector or 4K 3D projector. You can never put a price on your comfort when it comes to home viewing, gaming, or even presentations. You never know when you might suddenly need a projector outside your home.

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