Best Multimedia Projector - Experience the Zenbility V8 Model
Brightest Clarity

v8 model

Build-in Battery

Take your device on the go with a built-in battery, or simply use the USB for full charge.

Fly Air Mouse Controller

Adjust your device from anywhere in the room with the full settings wireless controller.


Great Surrounding System

With 2 built in 5W speakers, experience greater surround sound.

Available in 3 Colors

Built with aluminum alloy for a sleek exterior available in 3 different shades.

At home

Watch your games on the big screen

Portable and convenient, watch your favorite movies, shows, and even games on the big screen. Host a party at your house or bring your device to a friends.

Compatible with your laptop so you can access all your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and other streaming services.
At Work

Convenient and bright to maximize your presentations

Perfect for work and traveling, the V8 features a built-in battery allowing you to share your presentationsanywhere.

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